Trunk is a series of small, corporeal, personal, and sensual books. They are intended to be beautiful, coveted objects filled with fascinating content, much like an old trunk in an attic.


These collectable volumes are consumable and engrossing as a whole, yet filled with short pieces so that each book can also be flipped through or dipped into at random. Each explores an aspect of the body through writing, art, and photography. There are interviews, essays, fiction, photo essays, poems, and art works addressing multifarious dimensions of each theme. The series is aimed at an intelligent, engaged audience interested in both “high” and popular culture and is intended to have wide appeal.

Volume One: Hair

Edited by Suzanne Boccalatte & Meredith Jones
with a foreword by Lenny Henry

Volume Two: Blood

Edited by Suzanne Boccalatte & Meredith Jones
with a foreword by Jeff Lindsay (Dexter Books)

Volume Three: Breath

Edited by Suzanne Boccalatte and Prue Gibson.
Open for submissions 2017

About Trunk

Trunk refers to that old leather-covered box you might find in the attic, full of strange and wonderful items. It also refers to the trunk of the body. Both sorts of trunk are filled with stuff.

The Trunk series of books is about the stuff of the body. Each volume focuses on a body part: Hair, Blood, and perhaps in future Skin, Mouth, Hands, Eyes and Bones… the list is endless. Each volume showcases art and writing in unique ways. These books are designed to be felt and held as much as read. In a world overflowing with digital content their gorgeous sensuality is refreshing.

Who we are?

Suzanne is a writer, creative thinker and designer. Prue is a writer and academic, and we love books. We especially love them when they are crammed full of wondrous content, while being beautiful, sensual artefacts in themselves.

Image: Petrina Hicks